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The Maids Cleveland Ohio

96% Percent of Our Customers Recommend the Maids Cleveland to Their Family and Friends - Why do they love us?


The Maids Cleveland is part of a nationally respected franchise that prides itself on bringing you, our customer, satisfaction with the quality, value-packed service. Our business was forged through years of dedication to results, and our research of the best methods available is constantly providing you with the best care for your home or office!


What is Special about Our Methods?

Through research and experience, we have come to realize that the best way to clean a home thoroughly is through the use of cleaning teams. When you hire our services, your home will be taken care of by three specialized teams that are each assigned to a single specific task - each time our professional staff members will visit your home, they will be performing the same task. That is the deceptively simple principle behind our incredible efficiency satisfaction ratings: we train each member extensively in their particular specialty:


  • Kitchen Area Specialists
  • Restroom Specialists
  • Vacuum and/or Dusting Specialists


In addition, we ensure that our specialists are extremely well-versed in the usage of our unique, specially designed home cleaning equipment and product line. To ensure that each job is kept on pace, each team also has a highly trained designated supervisor. These supervisors are responsible for checking that all members’ work, including their own, is within compliance of our high quality assurance standards.

We Top Off Our Quality Service with a Trustworthy Relationship

The Maids Cleveland is proud to say that the vast majority of our customers trust us enough to allow the keeping of a key to their precious homes. We believe that this signifies the success of our attentive hiring standards and supervision policies. In fact, our teams are carefully composed of professionals that will take pains to ensure that any interaction with us makes you feel as if you are in comfortable, trustworthy, and secure hands.

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